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Studying Technical Writing

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I have a pretty good list of resources, now.  Next up are toolchains.




Tech to look into:


Flowcharts, Diagramming, and useful, related tools.


FWIW, the easiest way I've found to make interactive flowcharts and diagrams is by using Lucidcharts to diagram, and the Gimp to make imagemaps.  Here are some other tools worth exploring.



Screencast and video tools


What I'm going with for now, is openbroadcaststudio (OBS).  I may invest in camtasia for both mac and windows if I need to.


OpenBroadcasterSoftware - the open source leader (AFAICT) - bare bones as a screencast tool - but you can produce video on any platform, and edit it elsewhere - perhaps in premier.  The fact that this available on windows/mac/and linux is important to me (I'll also need android, but there are other tools for that.).  - NO EDITOR - need to use premier and after affects.  There are some very interesting features of this tool.


Camtasia - clear leader on windows - expensive - full featured - lots of great youtube instructional videos on this tool - and info out there for windows - there is a mac version (costs extra) - no need for an external editor - FAST to edit with.  This is what I would go with if I only ever needed windows and mac, and didn't want to improve my premier/after-effects skills.


Screenflow - clear leader on mac - affordable - similar to camtasia in features. - FAST to edit with.  If I only needed mac compatibility, I would go with this.


Captivate - Adobes tool - not included in creative cloud - very expensive and appears to be inferior to screenflow and camtasia.  I can't tell where this fits in the market - sad that it doesn't come with creative cloud.



Documentation Generators



English writing Linters and similar tools



Projects that employ automatic documentation generation in interesting ways



Design, Layout, Elegance





Tech Writing References:






General Writing References:



From related fields:



Potentially on my reading list - vet:



User Groups, Classes, stuff like that













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