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correcting posture

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NOTE: I'm not updating this page any longer.  The TL;DR is that you need to find a set of exercises that works for you to ultimately make your resting posture straight - shoulders back and down, spine aligned and stacked, hips level and loose - and you will have a hard time with that if you sit all day...


This is what works for me to correct postural problems due to computer use - I'm getting some progress with them - not cured of this by a long-shot, though.


Each exercise takes a couple minutes.  I do them at least once a week (ten minute routine).


Each video link goes directly to the point at which the exercise is explained.


A lot of these types of exercises/stretches can be made more effective by adding SMR: warmup/foam-roll/stretch/exercise.  


1) Anterior Pelvic Tilt Stretch/exercise ( Modified lunge with dumbells )


2) Forward Head Posture and Upper Cross Syndrome Stretch/exercise ( Specific wall lean )


3) Inward Shoulder Rotation Stretch ( Chest stretches or corner stretches ) - this as well


4) Overall Postural Alignment Stretch ( Basically a dual external rotation ala rotator cuff exercises using a theraband wrapped across the body) 


5) Correcting Weak Hips ( smr and hip exercises - other good advice - don't sit all day!)







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