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Getting in the Zone

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Things to discuss here:


  • There is an environment most conducive to every task. (consider lighting)
  • Habits, rituals, and triggers cause the mind to run familiar programs.
  • Resistance comes along, and needs to be broken through - there are rituals and practices that encourage the mind to do that in a healthy way.
  • Pressfield has a lot of fun habits, rituals, and triggers that he worked hard to build.
  • Mentality (forcing the mind to do things it doesn't want to do / transforming things from undesirable to things you can't wait to do - lick the plate) 


Things I might not discuss here:


  • Energy levels are affected by a lot of things and energy is required to break through resistance points and keep apace.
  • Distractions, disruptions, etc. that get you out of the zone.
  • Dips in energy eventually knock you out of it.
  • There is an equation here - with a number of variables.  A system that can be approximated and debugged like anything else.
  • Going with the flow - if you find yourself wanting to crank on a task that is on your list, but not at the top, maybe crank on what you can get done - get it out of your system  - if you can afford it - sometimes a win relieves pressure and allows you to get on with the rest of the work - and if organization is what you can crank on - you usually don't need to hesitate - just get organized.






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