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What the heck is this?


The personal, public wiki of Rich Bodo.


I often publish here as I develop ideas from notes, before publishing a more complete version somewhere else.  Although most of these notes are written primarily for me to reference later, I am trying hard to publish them openly, early, and often - and in such a way that some value could be derived by others from even the most incomplete pages herein.


I'm easy to get in touch with.  Feel free to email me at richbodo@gmail.com.  


As far as my presence on the rest of the web, I have a linkedin resume and a github account, neither of which I post much to, but they might give you an idea of what I'm working on.  I check some social media channels yearly, at least. I also have a medium blog that I might start using more, a very old and unmaintained blogspot blog, and a website I'm experimenting with as a possible replacement for this one, with not much on it. 


Things Rich has written:


Short Stories (newest at top)

Non Fiction Writing


LICENSE:  Every page on this wiki is copyright Richard Bodo.  If I did not license it further, that's because I am lazy.  If you want something changed to a different license, just ask.  


Certifications: All pages herein were written by a certified human.


Tech: This free wiki is built and maintained by ancient 2000s era SuperHappyDevHouse tech and business theory.   


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