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Kinda new math techniques to learn

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I am curious as to whether these more recently adopted (although not necessarily more recently documented), apparently more elegant, methods of solving some practical math problems will be helpful - I think they will - and if so, I plan to use them.  I'll provide one link to a good intro tutorial for each:


Geometric Algebra - I haven't studied this at all beyond that video.  This is probably easier to learn (and therefore explain and potentially debug) than Linear Algebra, and can be used practically to solve some of the same problems - at least the ones I care about - so this is the refresher I want.


Bayesian Statistics - For most statistical questions, we care about deciding between a discrete set of outcomes, and our question concerns a mutable environment that we know something about.  I did study Bayesian statistics briefly when it became used in anti-spam software, but I know that it is really highly applicable to other problems, and I think it will be very helpful.

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