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When choosing our flights, a number of interesting stopover possibilities came up.  London had the best options, so we went for a 24-hour stopover there.  This was just long enough to get me tons of tissues and cough drops at Boots. (I really thought that saved my life at the time.  Bear in mind my IQ was about 26 due to lack of sleep)


Oh, and we also took the Heathrow express to paddington station, checked into the Quality Suites, and checked out the science museum.

Steam engine at the Science Museum in London


Before we left the US, I had lucked across these awesome spiral notebooks with plastic covers and pockets, so I had something to do on the plane besides watch 'Megamind' (which wasn't bad).


On the plane, I came up with a bunch of diagrams, some of which I used the heck out of when we got to Salone:

  • How wikis work
  • Networks and IP addresses
  • Debugging networks
  • NAS permissions
  • How to store passwords
  • How to make a cable


And when we arrived in London we were able to take pictures of all the gear for documentation on our partners wikis.  These were not needed during the trip, but should help in the future.  Here are a couple examples:


This one is a wiring diagram of the cradlepoint unit and GSM modem attached, NAS RAID system, and wireless network with range extender.


Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

This one is part of a series of 10 cable-making steps:


Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I think I got about 5 minutes of sleep that night, which was a low point.


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