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At least part of Tuesday we spent wandering around Freetown.  We got lost in some alleys late at night where the only lights were joints, got back on track, ate at a lebanese restaurant, and I don't know what else we did.  Bought lots of water and sardines and crackers and stuff.  We met up with Archie and his brother, and Leslie, a Kiva fellow in Sierra Leone for dinner at a beach restaurant.  I might have all that out of order but we did all that at one point or another on Tuesday or Wendesday.


Archie had given us the phone number of someone on SMT's board of directors, Fillipo, who had been involved as a producer or director (I don't remember which) of some hollywood movies based in Africa, and was now working on establishing a Tribe Wanted site in Sierra Leone.  We left a message.


The next day (Wednesday) we went out on a day trip to Lakka beach with Leslie and another Kiva fellow that had just arrived, Dave.  We also met with Bockarie to discuss the future of IT in Salone over beers at our guest house that night.  Lakka had great food and was a wonderful beach.


The first guy I met who tried to sell us some wood carvings was there.  Being more interested in talking to people than buying wood carvings, I asked to see his shop, and he took us.  I bought a bunch of carvings anyway.  Nice young man.  Noah was particularly jealous of his awesome woodworking tools which I think moved "blacksmith visit" a bit higher on his list of things to do.



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