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Short Stories

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Hey there!  I'm moving all this fiction stuff to github.  New stuff will be on my github pages site and in my creative writing repository.


While I'm doing that, I'm writing a document for Writers Who Like To Use The Command Line and Git to Write.


This page links to my short stories, organized by year.  


  • I am encouraged that Ray Bradbury wrote one story a week and it only took him ten years to really get the hang of it.  Ray Bradbury was probably a quicker study than I am.  I am also writing one story every month (and, apparently, finishing about half of them).  I started writing in 2012.  So by my calculations, you can start reading the really good stuff in the 22nd century, at the earliest.
  • Any of the following stories may contain strong language, sexual situations, graphic violence, gross inaccuracies, obvious errors, snarkiness, typos, robots versus kung fu, the explosive demolition of a stone golem, aliens, scary monsters, clowns, and Frank Zappa.  Some stories may not be unread.  



List of short stories written in 2015


Last One This Year - aka Focus - (~498 words)


More Practice - aka The Booger Argument  - (~1900 words)


Played - for Dad (~700 words)


The Little Things  - for Dad (~1700 words)


List of short stories written in 2014


The terror of Ogden Park (~250 words)


Flight Engineer (~5,300 words)


Worst Case Scenario (~1,300 words)


Network Personhood (~600 words)


List of short stories written in 2013


Preface - The psychology of a species must be it's primary concern (~1,300 words)


Manzanitas Senior Center Pt I (~4,500 words)


Manzanitas Senior Center Pt II  (~2,500 words)


Police Action (editing)


Human Resources (~5,000 words)


Exocorps Last Stand Part I (~20,000 words)


Exocorps Last Stand Part II (editing)


Bruce Li (~1,600 words)


The Last Cell Phone  (~6,200 words)


Pickup (editing)


The Battle of Little Lambs (~4,600 words)


Robots Vs. Kung Fu (editing)


Bob meets Donny (~1,400 words)


Lunchtime (editing)


Donny meets Janet (editing)


More 2013 stories to come.  I wrote ten of them, but I'm giving them each an edit before I post.  The last three or four might need a complete rewrite - not sure when I'll get these done.


The 2013 stories all turned out to be part of the same robots vs. kung fu story.  


Of course, that encouraged me to make them into something bigger, which delayed those stories indefinitely.  


I now realize that trying to make a "standard length" novel out of a short story is a pit of "unproductivity" that is all too easy to fall into.


As soon as I gave up on the idea that I should force my writing into a given format I was able to start getting these things posted here.


You might notice that I am uploading the drawings I made while writing these stories.  If so, you will also notice that I can't draw.  Since I can't write neither, and you're reading my stories, I figure the drawings are just about right.  


The idea for all the 2013 stories came from a dream I had in which I saw something kind of like this drawing (it's a little old lady holding a cell phone up to a giant tracked robot, thinking that this will somehow help her - you have to read the stories to find out if it does):



List of short stories written in 2012


These first 10 stories are based on ideas given to my by my friends.  I thought it would be good writing practice, and it was.  They are all really rough, and all need a rewrite or two.  The ideas given to me came in various forms: usually a single word, an image, or a paragraph of text.   Below, I list a link to the story, the idea as given to me (summarized as the title in most cases), the genre I would put the story in, and the name of the friend who gave me the idea.


1  - No ideas and no long term memory - Sci-Fi (meditation on the drake equation) - for Carl and Ali


21 - Nighthawks - Horror - for Cindy


2 - Lets Roll guy not on plane - Action - for Brent

 - Snakes on a Train - Drama - for Shadow


18 - No matter what I do I look like an a**hole - Drama - for Mike and Christine


20 - Interstellar Cosmonaut - Sci-Fi - for Noah


13 - Wumpits - Sci-Fi-Fantasy - for Harry


22 - Stressed out girl at work - Psychological Thriller - for Zvi


23 - A bunch of old people talking - the gathering - please no axes. - for Danelle

 - Ex-con gets a smartphone - Sci-Fi - for Don


Post-2012 - I am currently writing ten of my short stories based on my own ideas.  I'll post them at some point, as they have basically all merged into one big story.  When I'm done with that I'll probably start in on stories for friends again, because that was a lot of fun, too.


Messages in Prose


All of the prose I include here was actually written for someone who I felt needed it.  It's not for practice like the writing.  Not even sure when I wrote some of it.  The karakai and possibly others are not only my work, but collaborations.


the arrow








a karakai for interplanetary waka






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