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The terror of Ogden Park

Page history last edited by rsb 9 years, 4 months ago

(Wrote this during a fun 15 minute writing exercise over dinner with friends)


The terror of Ogden Park hobbled in her slippers across her vinyl kitchen floor.  When she reached the powder blue cupboard decorated in daisies and pictures drawn in crayon, she opened it.


Bags lined the cupboard walls.  She dug an old hand into one of them, made a fist, and deposited the goods in her sweater-vest pocket before she left for the day.


"G'morning Mrs. Smith.", her neighbor said with a smile as she passed.


"Good morning, young man.", she replied in golden tones.


When she was sure he had passed, she reached into her pocket and drew a small number of the seeds out, then sprinkled them on the dirt in between the sidewalk and the street.


"Hehehhehe.", she laughed.


"No one knows what these flowers will do!", she thought to herself with satisfaction.


Two old men observed her from their rocking chairs as she crossed the street.  They lazily rocked and smoked until she passed out of hearing, which wasn't very far.


"Granny Smith sure do like plantin' flowers.", one of them said.


"Yeah,", said the other, "Everyone needs a hobby, 'specially at her age."


"Wanna put in a garden gnome or two?", said the first, "I think she likes those."


"Why not", said the second, "And maybe a few of those little ceramic kitties."


"Oh, yeah.  She'll like those.", said the first.


They waited until old Mrs. Smith dissapeared around the corner.


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