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Emerging markets


Their way into computing is cellular devices

Open systems move fast - bitcoin is an open system


Some countries have banned bitcoin - bolivia is one

Philipines and Argentina have embraced it (check on that)

Other countries are issuing virtual currencies


Emerging markets are moving fast, and will adopt via mobile.  

Mobile payments are the future there, and bitcoin is a great bridge for them.


Positioning bitcoin as a solution for the unbanked


As a way to transport money, any non-zero price works for bitcoin

Sitting on it is not a great idea for most people, though





Stellar - not for profit - p2p xactions

 consensus v. proof of work

 suffering from consensus issues, forks, perhaps, but prob learning from it

 open source

 core protcol layer, example clients

 developer meetup in the mission at double dutch tonight

 educational programs - learn to use stellar in a challenged community - facebook auth - get some stellar 






No one wants to be on teh wrong side of the wave - scott on adoption in finance






 Stoked about some apps

 - cloud storage

 - mesh networking (shared)

 - permanent web - stuff stored on a decentralized web doesn't dissapear if any one node or service dies

   - ethereum will pop out a prototype and add it tomist

 Ethereum 1.0 march

 Things that need research

  Proof of stake - should be cheap to run compared to mining, but has issues

  Reputation systems

  Security, probably





 Scaling bitcoin

 Easy if you trust miners

 blockchain as tragedy of the commons - cerifying the blockchain is a cost born by anyone who wants to not have to trust others


bc connection utility

 very inexpensive and will get cheaper to add hashes of things to bc


smart contracts

 things we are seeing

  decentralized marketplaces

  decentralized organizations

 think of a corporation as a collection of contracts


  the simple stuff is going to go away

  the complex stuff is going to need humans

 think of everything as a collection of contracts and transactions and you have a pretty general problem environment

 AI is going to get extremely good at cracking, and we'll need to have systems that make that harder

 AI is going to have to understand and reason about contracts

 Distributed orgs

  can have a potentially more flat hierarchy, enabling easy voting and auto-governance

 DAS - distributed autonomous society

 Bitcongress - voting for das

 Ethereum may lower the bar and make things very disruptive

 device-device economy will be larger than human-in-loop economy




IoT - pinochio - tryfilament.com

 wireless computers are dropping down in size and price quick (a few bucks in volume)

 device ids on blockchain - autodiscovery

 telehash - secure open communication protocol for IoT devices

 jose and pennybank - their smart contract and micropayment initiatives




futurist panel

 not storing private info with others is probably an idea that will spread

 not having regulation in some industries will enable a ton of innovation

 prediction market thing - it's possible that data that is somewhat suppressed is made available via pseudononimity and other aspects of blockchain tech





 O.k. andre is awesome - you have got to be there - amazing rant on regulation, finance, etc.

 500MM on 500 startups during worst year

 dumb network with smart edge - ala phone system - innovation at the edge is easy

 financial regulators have proven that they do not protect consumers - privacy protects consumers - regulators are puppets with nothing to add

 real-time economic research is generating value with bitcoin - that's new











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