"The powerful build Walls"


A wall of Fear stands between people and what they want - only the fringe cross. 


I want to believe I love everyone I have ever loved, as much as I have ever loved them.


We see the Fringe on the other side, Then the wall of Fear, then we look away.  They are all Crazy, the fringe more than the wall.  The crowd agrees, and cowers in the muck.


I wonder sometimes if I have much love left, and if it would hurt anyone to know.


We have seen the fringe cross over, uncowed, with a light in their eyes, no matter how beaten. They were ready to fight.


I am honest with myself. I do.


The muck gets higher, the wall taller, none can see the light.  The wall surrounds us, in darkness.  There is only darkness.


I will reach across.