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Every day you choose health and life over sickness, death, and destruction, you earn my respect.


Stay on the path.  The day will come when you care little for the gross consumption you have been steeped in.  The day will come when you understand that helping those in need returns all of lifes greatest rewards.  That is the *only* true path, and the true paths *only* meaning.


The day will come when you care little for toys, houses and furniture, and recognize yourself as a truly good person - one whose happiness comes from good works.


Stay healthy.  Stay on the path.  The smallest step off the path lets in the evil that throws you back into greed and despair.  Not one step off the path, ever.


For every step you make along the path, every man, woman, and child is forced to view their impoverished reflection in your strength.  You are the light on the path that cannot be ignored.


At the end of the path, all good, all happiness, all truly meaningful rewards will be yours.  In the end, God awaits.






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